Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I'm dreaming of a white kitchen...

Our new year's resolution:  to get the kitchen, our matchbox-size kitchen, remodeled.

For real, this time.

It seems that every time we would start to get serious about it, there would be a major life event that just made a remodel seem nowhere near as necessary as we thought.  This year, however, we have plans in hand and are ready to go.

The sticky part of our remodel (aren't they always tricky/sticky in some way) is that we have a very open floorplan.  One that involves more than just the kitchen.  I'll get the pictures up this weekend to show all the gory details.  In the meanwhile, I've been detail dreaming at houzz.com:

Kauai Residence - Hawaii contemporary kitchen
Love the cabinets in this one.

Farmhouse Kitchen - Open Floor Plan contemporary kitchen
I really like the dark wood used for the bar here.

Kitchen contemporary kitchen
Beautiful backsplash.

All the kitchens I love have white (or off-white) cabinets, so that's a definite yes.  I'm still up in the air regarding hardwood floors vs. the durability of tile.  What do you prefer?  Is hardwood that hard to deal with?  Is tile the way to go?  This is where I'm stuck... it has to be right, because whatever we decide on will cover half of our house!  No pressure. None. at. all.

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